Book project

FRESHWATER LIFE: Macro photography of aquatic insects and other freshwater invertebrates.

The book is finally out. Let me invite you to browse the main part of the book here:



The purpose of this book is to allow the general public to peer into freshwater ecosystems, which are usually well hidden to our eyesight. Anyone, who is interested in nature, will be amazed by this incredibly varied and colorful world full of amazing adaptations, behaviors, camouflage and strategies. To entomologists, hydrobiologists and limnologists I would like to submit quality picture materials confirming how beautiful discipline they have chosen to study.

I am often asked about the techniques, equipment and methods used in freshwater macro photography. Therefore, the last part of the book is devoted to these topics and can be used as a step by step manual for photographers and all macro enthusiasts intending to explore fascinating world of aquatic invertebrates.

The book is available in a large format 21 x 26 cm (8 x 10 in), hardcover or softcover and a premium matte paper is used for the best image quality.


•  43 introduced groups of freshwater invertebrates.

•  Over 220 photographs of live specimens.

•  Tips for collecting and keeping the animals.

•  Recommendations for arranging the scene in an aquarium.

•  Aquatic macro photography equipment, methods and workflow.

Macro photography of aquatic insects and other freshwater invertebrates.